Teen Movies that teach Life Lessons

Teen movies are a lot more than just entertainment. They mark a significatn period of time in the lives of young kids. It's these movies that help them copy their favorite characters. However, besides the drama, thrill, fashion and adventure, there are inspirational movies for teenagers, which give them important lessons for life. These movies are the ones that leave an impression on the young ones. So grab some popcorn for movie night and give your teens something to think about with any one (or more) of the following movies! 

The Breakfast Club

This movie is all about understanding the differences in individualities, and finding the one thing that connects people and makes them friends. In the movie, a juvenile delinquent, a nerd, the football team’s captain, a sweet boy, and the most popular girl of high school, are gathered in one classroom after school for detention. The students are poles apart in every way and perhaps would never have understood each other had they not been forced to spend time together. The movie teaches kids to be more open to people who are different, and more accepting as well. 

Sixteen Candles

This movie highlights one of the main dilemmas that plague teenage years – teens feel that no one listens to them or cares about them. The main character in the movie, Samantha, feels her world has come to an end when her parents do not wish her on her sixteenth birthday. This movie revolves around basic issues that a teen girl faces at school and home. Parents should also watch this movie to understand what their teens expect from them and how difficult situations with teens should be handled.

Remember the Titans

Teenagers of this day and age don’t know what it’s like to be segregated and abused because of the color of their skin. This movie talks about an era when schools and sports teams were racially segregated. By watching this movie kids can learn to appreciate the lives they have and respect people from different a race and/or ethnicity.

Save the Last Dance

Teenage is a difficult time, in which kids have to cope with different changes. This time gets more difficult and disturbing if a teen has to relocate and leave their hometown and friends for a new home in a strange land. This movie is all about that and more – the main character of the movie moves to a new city and meets her dad for the first time. It's not only the new culture which she has to get familiar with, but also the task of building a relationship with a parent she's never known.


Teen pregnancy is a big issue in America. And this movie highlights this issue in a beautiful manner. The movie is about a fifteen-year-old girl, Juno, who gets pregnant. She was afraid, like any other teen that she has disappointed her parents. But here is the lesson: Juno tells her parents about her mistake and trusts them to help her find a solution to the problem. Therefore, it is important for teens to communicate and share with their parents, so that problems can be sort out before they become huge.  

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