How to Spend Quality Time with Your Teens Amidst Busy Routine

Much to the dismay offered by the hectic work schedules, parents are found so much absorbed into their work that they hardly find any time to spend with their children. If children, especially teens are not given enough quality family time, they tend to drift apart from their parents.

It is noteworthy to realize that teens may need more quality time as they’ve outgrown a lot of childhood activities and are not interested in things which their parents could easily win them over with. Instead of gifts, teens require time from their parents when they can interact with them, sharing their problems.

Though they want to become more independent with growing age, it is also essential to realize that parents need to develop a healthy relationship with them where they can openly communicate with each other without feeling any sort of hesitation.

We do understand how hard it must be for the working parents to juggle between their work and home routines and to take out some time for their children. If they only emphasize more on spending quality time rather than the quantity of time spent with their teens, they can do a lot better. Here are some ways in which parents can spend quality time with their teens.

Turn off the Electronic Devices

Electronic devices have become an essential part of our lives and we simply cannot avoid using them. However, if you want to take out some time for your children then you need to turn them off when you’re with them. When you’re having a face to face communication with your teen you need to put the devices aside. Limits on screen time for the entire family can be set or a rule can be established that says you need to shut off the devices at certain times. By following these rules, you can actually get to spend quality time with your teens.

Eat Dinner Together

Due to different time schedules, it may not be possible to have breakfast or lunch with your teens at home. However, you can still have one meal together with them and that is dinner. This will give you an opportunity to talk to your teen and ask him/her about life at school, their activities, hobbies etc. Make an effort to shut off the electronic devices while you’re having a meal with them and focus solely on the conversation. This can be the best way to find out about your teen’s day.

Take Interest in Your Teen’s World

When children are younger, you can buy them presents and lit up their faces with smiles. But it’s not really easy to woo them when they’re a bit older. When your teens grow up, they enjoy things you have no idea about that. To find out what they like or not, you need to take interest in their world. You need to take interest in those things they enjoy the most, even if it’s not something you don’t enjoy. For instance, if your teen boy enjoys playing video games, then try playing a game with him. Being a mother, you can definitely help your teen girl how to dress up properly for a school event.

Go for a Drive or a Walk Together

Car rides or going for a walk together with your teens can be an excellent way to strike up a conversation. When you’re on a drive with your teen you do not have to maintain an eye contact with them and that makes them even more comfortable while talking about an uncomfortable subject. On the other hand, a walk with your teen can be helpful in getting away from the distractions at home and it can offer you a chance to talk to your teen in private.

Plan a Holiday

You should plan a holiday with your children once a year. When you get an annual leave from work, do not miss a second to take your teens out for a holiday trip. Whisking your family away from the mundane routine will give you ample time to connect with your teens and spend quality time with them. This will not only make them happy but also give you a much-needed relaxing break. 


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