Teen Smoking: Find Out Reasons Why Teens Start Smoking

Teen smoking might not be taken seriously in the beginning but it can become hazardous for the teens in the later years. Teens may start smoking innocently but they have no idea that it can become a long-term problem for them. In fact, many reports have suggested that adult smokers usually begin smoking during their teen years. So, why exactly teens start smoking? What triggers teen smoking? We’ve put down some reasons for you to understand this question.

Follow the Footsteps of Adults

Teens take up the habit of smoking from their adults. If one of their parents, guardians, or relatives are smoking, they will most likely follow their footsteps and also start smoking. Parents, who smoke at home, can become a bigger influence on their teens and may become the source of triggering the smoking habit in them. When teens learn that smoking helps their parents or adults in reducing stress, relaxing or staying awake, they would also be tempted to try the same thing.

Peer Pressure

When kids enter middle or high school, they experience a strong peer pressure from their school mates or group mates. They tend to follow what others are doing. In order to be well-liked, they try their best to fit in the groups of friends and act cool by imitating them. They also want to feel the air of independence and want to do something on their own. The use of tobacco is usually common among teenagers. When teens watch others using tobacco or smoking, they also tend to do the same. They get highly influenced by their peers’ smoking habits and then start smoking.

Independence or Defiance

Teenagers prefer having complete independence on their lives as they start growing up. They want to take decisions on their own and be responsible for their own choices. This may be regarded as a healthy and normal process for all teenagers, however, excessive independence can lead them to defiance. Defiance is one of the motivating factors for teens to start smoking. Often it is noted that when teens become defiant, they start smoking, especially when they believe their parents will be angry with them.

Smoking Is in The Trend

Most of the teens also believe that smoking is a trendy thing. When they see others smoking, especially their parents or peers, they also want to try it. Teens believe everyone around them smokes and take it as a normal thing. They do not find anything weird about it. They often believe what their friends tell them about smoking. Usually, teens overestimate the number of students in their class who smoke and use tobacco. Relying on false evaluations, they also follow the trend and start smoking.

Following Media Culture

It goes without saying how smoking advertisements affects teens, making them believe ‘smoking is cool.’ Teens follow what media is showing them and then adopt the habits accordingly. When they watch their favorite celebrities blowing out smoke rings in the movies and TV shows, they want to try the same thing. Even though popular media keeps telling everyone the dangers of smoking after the end of every advertisement, still the targeting effect is the same.  Teens do not pay much attention to the serious message they’re displaying but rather focus on how they’d appear in front of their group of friends when they have a cigarette in their mouth. They believe smoking will make them appear fashionable and trendy.

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