Bonding with the family: Studying the importance of family gatherings

What makes family gatherings so special? Is it the delicious food that the host has so meticulously cooked or is the chatter of countless relatives invited? The importance of family gatherings lies far beyond that. Research suggests that young people who have strong family connections are more likely to reach out, get better education and jobs. It is important for children to be familiar with the rest of their clan. It is crucial that kids learn to mingle with the rest of their family.

Here is why family gatherings are so important for kids:

Making kids familiar with their relatives

Mentioning names of the relatives is not enough, nor is introducing them to your kids. Your kids will not be able to make that kind of relationship that they ought to with their family. They need to know about the family tree. Letting them spend quality time with their relatives will help develop their social skills and also help them to build a rapport for themselves among most of the members of the family tree.

Kids have an example to follow

Children look up to their relatives. They love the stories narrated to them by older relatives. The stories they hear are going to give them insight into what they will face later on in life when they are supposed to overcome challenges that may come their way. Older relatives may serve as their role models or idols and kids are more likely to turn to them when they face a problem.

Some children feel shy during family gatherings and sit in the corners of the living room trying hard to be invisible. They should not be ignored. Talking to them casually about their interests will make them feel truly recognized and appreciated. Children enjoy being at the center stage and they should be encouraged so they find it fun to be at family reunions.

Making memories last

Since relatives cannot be with your kids all the time, remind them about the kind words they used during conversations. If older relatives want the children to have good and bright future, they must bless the children always and treat them with tender, loving care. Since they are at a tender age, they go with the flow and mimic every action of older people. To ensure that only good acts are picked up by the children, older relatives must behave properly in front of the children. As the children embrace this kind of actions and the good words that are instilled in their minds, they will possess an aura of success, confidence and power necessary to help them fulfill their dreams.

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