Three cheers for mothers of the world

Women of steel: Three cheers for mothers of the world

Mothers are one of the most enigmatic creations of nature and that is why they are so special. This is the exact reason why so many ancient religions worshipped the image of a sacred female deity because they were regarded as the creators of life and thus considered as the ultimate caregivers.

Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, there cannot be a better occasion to pay a Mother’s Day tribute to all the women out there who not only created new life but also nurtured the same to maturity.

Let us then raise our glasses to honor our mothers today and celebrate the occasion with three cheers for the most important woman in our lives. Here’s why we should pay a befitting tribute to our mothers.

Toiling through thick and thin  

A mother has to give huge sacrifices so that her children can grow up to become the ideal human beings. When a child is born, a mother will sacrifice her sleep to tend to the needs of the little helpless soul. Then the child grows up and the mother has to sacrifice the small luxuries of life and instead exchange it for quality time with her kids. Some years later the kids grow up into their teens and a mother has to sacrifice her independence to make sure that her children are getting proper guidance in the art of spending a meaningful life. Gradually the kids grow up into fine young men/women and ditch their mothers to live a lonely miserable life.

The next time you wonder as how to celebrate Mother’s Day, show some love to your parents, especially the mothers, because they are the only people that can’t be replaced with anything of value that this world has to offer.

Passing on the good genes

Has someone ever complimented you on your beautiful eyes, your radiant smile, or for having an honest face? If yes, then you must have spent some time in front of the mirror while trying to see how much you resemble either of your parents. You would surely find many similarities with your parents and you should thank them for it on this day.

A world without moms would have been a chaotic place to live in where everyone would have been at each other’s throats.

The presence of a loving female ensures that tensions do not run very high when the male hormones kick in. Mothers are the greatest pacifiers that our civilization has ever created and we should respect them for this.

Getting in touch with our feminine side

Getting in touch with our soft side might not be much of a challenge for the young women out there but can prove to be a daunting task for men. The attributes more commonly associated with mothers are compassion, mercy, forgiveness, gratitude, diplomacy, and unadulterated love. Men, on the other hand, are the most destructive forces of nature due to their ability to violently engage with one another to attain power and supremacy.

Men who learn these simple things from their mothers are actually the real men that we so often hear about because they are trained by the finest available diplomats in the form of mothers.

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